1. Four(4) cyclist who holds the valid license issued by UCI and/or National Cycling Association and Two(2) officials included the coach in each country. If there is any female cyclist interesting in this event, we shall accept the addition of Two(2) female cyclists with One(1) official.
  2. A maximum of total of 15 countries, and “First-come, First-served”
  3. Deaf, defined as a hearing loss of at least 55dB in the better ear (3 tone frequency average of 500, 1,000 and 2,000 Hertz, ANSI 1969 stand) with the ICSD ID.
  4. Hearing group shall be raced together to enhance the scale and level of the competitions.
  5. Deaf group and hearing group will be raced in the same competition in each stage together. And, the ranking will be listed into the ungroup results and group results of Deaf group and hearing group.
  6. Warm-up race will be beginning right after the departure, all cyclist shall follow the instruction of the Chief Commissaire as to open the race.
  7. If any cyclist that does not finish a stage (DNF) earn one extra hour to the result or the cyclist will be forfeited if he/she gets behind from the head cyclists more than 2 km behind if any, and the one extra hour will be applied to his/her result. If the cyclist does not follow the instruction when he/she is forfeited, the Organizing Committee has solidly its right to disqualify his/her competitions afterward.
  8. Mountain General Classification
    1. Points for stage finishes
    2. Winner with the highest points shall obtain the Red-Dot Jersey from the 2nd stage.
  9. Three(3) and up cyclists as a team are eligible to participate in “Team competition”.
  10. The Cycling Road competitions will be conducted in accordance with the latest-updated Rules and Regulations of the UCI.
  11. Additional regulation will be announced if any.